The power of one

While journalists are finding it more and more difficult to get into countries in turmoil, such as Pakistan, Iran and China, to expose the political atrocities that are occurring, the world wide web is having no problem getting past border security. Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are defying government censorship, and becoming a new forum for freedom of speech. While an everyday chatting tool for many, Twitter has become a weapon of communication used as a way to combate censorship. You tube has replaced TV news reports and Flickr is giving photjournalism a wider and more accessable audience.

It seems the impact of the social networking sites has not been lost on governments themselves, with the Chinese Government shutting all social sites down in a bid to suppress information from the deadly riots in China’s western region of Xinjiang, in July this year.

Here are two tweets I’ve found:

Aslyssakuhns: Sorry I couldn’t update in China because of the riots … the government shut down all social sites but now I’m back!
1.14PM Aug 3rd from web

GengHongwei: Fackbook and Twitter were blocked in China since the Urumqi Riots!
4 days ago from web

Here is a video from YouTube taken of the political unrest in Tehran on the 20th of June and captures an Iranian student being shot to death by police.

Most of the ametuear videos on the unrest in Iran were shot while people are hiding in houses or alleyways and shows the determination of the public to demonstrate to the world what is really happening.

Here we can see people taking journalism in their own hands to inform the world of whats going on. Social media is helping breaking barriers and sends a message to governments that the people can’t be silenced.

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China blocks access to Twitter, Facebook after riots
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