One dress – 365 days 365 ways

Like every I know, chances are somewhere in your closet will hang the staple LBD – Little Black Dress. Or in my case five. The importance, necessity and need for this most valuable fashion item is undisputed. One can add accessories, don a jacket in winter and  interchange stylish ballet pumps for killer heels to take the you from day to night. The possibilities, as they say, are endless. To ask a girl why they need yet another black dress, is a crime punishable by a startled stare and a roll of the eyes. Girls turn to their LBD’s like they would their morning coffee, their best friend and their afternoon chocolate fix. And this leads me to my favourite blog  –  The Uniform Project.

Sheena Matheiken, a stylish Brooklynite, has made a personal mission of wearing her own Little Black Dress every single day for one year. Yes 365 days. Through the sustainable style stunt, she’s raising money for the Akanksha Foundation, a nonprofit group that funds the education of underserved Indian children. Many of these children come from impoverished villages  and wouldn’t have access to schooling otherwise.

As a sustainable project, Sheena redesigns the dress everyday adding different accessories to ensure that the look is ever changing. 365 days and never once doubling up that is definitely an achievement. Each day she photographs her attire and writes a small caption on what she is wearing. People can then comment on the outfit and rate it. You are also able to donate to  the charity on the blog.

How do you design a dress that can be worn all year around? The uniform dress was designed by her friend, Eliza Starbuck. Taking inspiration from one of Sheena’s staple dresses, the pair improved the shape and fit to add on some seasonal versatility. The dress is designed so it can be worn both ways, front and back, and also as an open tunic. It’s made from a durable, breathable cotton, good for New York summers and good for layering in cooler seasons.

This project allows us to see how the internet has become an invaluable way to raise aware and access a global audience. Sheena is now on day 170 and doesn’t at all seem to be tiring her creative flows.

Good luck!


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