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Caught in the web

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the online community is quickly gaining ground. What celebrities are twittering about is now a section in the newspaper MX, the words courtesy of Facebook are often seen in the picture caption on newspaper pics, and just the other day I stumbled across a call for a web content and social media coordinator. This job ad, found on Mumbrella, is for a Melbourne not-for-profit organisation, and the description talks about how it is a newly created position. “The organisation is passionate about harnessing social media (including facebook, twitter and blogs) as new areas to expand communication.” The very existence and creation of a job like this astounds me, and made me realise the vast impact social networking is having in our modern lives. While I initially thought this was a phase for cyber geeks, I now realise, especially due to the fact that my mum even has a facebook, its time to get on trend and join this phenomenon. The aim of my blog will be to explore how social networking site are impacting, influencing and changing the face of tradition journalism practises. So hop on board and join me own my voyage of discovery as I venture through the World Wide Web.


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