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Twitter saves the day

As Twitter detractor’s often sneer that nothing of value can be said in 140 characters. The UK Parliament and The Guardian newspaper would now beg to differ. When reporter  Alan Rusbridger, left the office on a Monday evening after a frustrating day, after lawyer Carter-Ruck persuade a judge to suppress a confidential but embarrassing document which has fallen into journalists’ hands on the Trafigura fiasco. Rusbridger’s tweet:

  “Now Guardian prevented from reporting parliament for unreportable reasons. Did John Wilkes live in vain?”

These 15 words sent internet uses into battle to reveal all, marking a historical victory for the power of the internet after a gagging attempt on routine act of journalism.

The results are unparallel. As Rusridger writes

“By lunchtime – an hour before we were due in court – Trafigura threw in the towel. The textbook stuff – elaborate carrot, expensive stick – had been blown away by a newspaper together with the mass collaboration of total strangers on the web. Trafigura thought it was buying silence. A combination of old media – the Guardian – and new – Twitter – turned attempted obscurity into mass notoriety.”

Is this a lesson of the times on how to usesocial media for the greater good. The internet is an important tool for freedom of speech and used correctly it can seek justice.

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